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today about what may have caused the deadly pipeline explosion in good afternoon, i am juliette good rich. there is no information what may have caused the deadly
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pipeline explosion in san bruno the focus, corrosion caused by bacteria. ann joins us from san bruno to explain this. ann. >> reporter: pg&e is refusing to talk so far this morning we are hoping for solid answers later on this afternoon. there is concern about corrosion coming from the inside of some of their pipelines. in the meantime, day two of demolition and clean up here in the san bruno neighbourhood that was demolished by the explosion. we finally got a chance to go beyond the barriers to get a closer look at what remains. a once thriving neighbourhood reduced to shades of grey. ash covering everything that stands and everything that stands, won't stand for long. a site that can crack even someone who does this for a living. >> on the emotional side, it is heart wrenching. >> reporter: the debris is being separated into what is recyclable and what is going to the dump. >> everything is decimated except for the things that are
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metal down to the wiring once holding together the wheels. >> reporter: as the clean up process continues so does the investigation into what caused this. >> the whole community wants answers, you know, we don't want this to happen any where else or here again. >> reporter: new concerns today about pipeline corrosion coming from the inside. it is one of the elements being examined on this piece of pipe now in washington dc. one possibility, micro biology influenced corrosion, it caused a similar gas line explosion in new mexico a few years ago. it was around the same size and same age. this is how it happens, microbes thrive in pools of water, pools of water collect in pipes. bacteria releases gases that break down the pipes wall. the san francisco chronicle is leoparding pg&e filed a statement with state regulators
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last year quote ongoing concerns about corrosion on the line running from san francisco to milpitas including san bruno and they admitted water had shown up on tests done on the pipeline. pg&e refused to comment. >> they said -- we have seen trucks down there all the time but we don't know what they were doing. >> reporter: she is concerned about the after effects, asbestos and metal toxins although the health department says it is consonantly monitored. >> we are seeing no dust leaving the property. we are taking every precaution, monitoring, the watering, the chimney came down there was no dust from that. >> even though we get something from that environmental guy, it is like people are still worried. >> reporter: worried and saddened by what used to be and what is left behind >> i lookout my window every morning and i am looking at like you know i know all the houses that were there. and it is just to see they are
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totally all gone. >> reporter: demolition and clean up process should last about 3 weeks to a month. juliette. >> ann, thank you. a family killed in the san bruno pipeline explosion will be laid to rest today, a fun i can't like service for greg -- funeral service for gregory, his mother and 17-year-old son will be held in burlingame a reception will follow at mills high school. they were three of seven people killed in the september 9th explosion their deaths were confirmed earlier this week. there will also be a funeral for the 15-year-old novato high school student killed in a suspected drunk driving crash. he was one of three teenagers in the car last friday, when it hit a tractor trailer in marin county. police found beer cans and alcohol bottles at the crash scene. the 16-year-old driver now faces manslaughter and felony d u i charges. the mental state of the man
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accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard could be the focus of a hearing. his attorney may try to have him declared mentally unfit for trial. the move could put an immediate stop to proceedings if the judge agrees to order a mental evaluation. he and his wife nancy are accused of kidnapping dugard outside her south lake tahoe home and holding her captive in a backyard for nearly two decades. a federal judge is expected to announce whether the state can execute a convicted killer. it is ready for the planned execution next wednesday if the judge lifts the moratorium on capital punishment. the judge has blocked executions in 2006 ruling the states lethal injection method caused great physical pain. the budget is a record
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breaking 86 days over due but the stale mate could end soon. democrats and republicans have reached a framework no. details released they plan to work more on it over the weekend the goal of reaching a final deal on monday. so right now, california faces a $19 billion budget deficit. the lack of a state budget means some highway projects are on hold the california transportation commission delayed another $900 million of transportation funding yesterday. it already held back $3 billion worth of road and rail projects last month. the mercury news reporting some projects scheduled to begin this fall will likely be delayed until the rainy season is over, even if there is a budget deal soon. how would you like blazing fast wireless internet. it could soon happen because the federal government is freeing up unused air waves. kcbs radio, explains how it workwhy not everyone is
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pleased. >> reporter: the fccs decision yesterday means there will be a new standard in the future for wi-fi, the stuff that right now comes out of boxes like this. you plug this in and it spreads wireless internet signal around your home or around your building but beyond that, pretty much drops out. the new wireless internet will be much more reliable go around buildings and much much faster from 54 mega bits to 80 or maybe even 800 mega bits. much faster and much more reliable. the new stuff is at least theoretically in the white space running at 80 to 800 mega bits so it is many times faster in theory. this new white space spectrum is being opened up for new services is very good at beginning through walls, around buildings, like television because it is in the same radio frequency area. not everyone is in support of this decision, police and firefighters to name a couple
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groups, their concern is that this new wireless internet that uses white space, they want to use that for emergency communications and broadcasters that use the current tv signals being used right now, there could be interference with this new wireless internet on the current tv signals. i am matt bigler in san jose. >> more trouble for actress lyndsey lohan a judge ordering her back to jail immediately. how long she will stay behind bars this time. i am happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to this important complicated issue. >> no, i am not asking you not to talk. i am asking you to leave the committee room completely. >> mister colbert goes to washington. why some other lawmakers were not laughing. well, it is nice friday, plenty of sunshine and we have record heat possibly moving into the bay area, for the
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first weekend of fall, yeah. i've got your seven-day forecast, heating up folks. coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. today a judge in beverly hills ordered her to stay in custody at least a month. >> lyndsey lohan is back in jail today a judge in beerily hills ordered her to -- ordered her to stay in custody for at least a month. this time the judge is showing no leniency. >> reporter: actress lyndsey lohan is going back to jail for violating probation. judge olden fox ordered the troubled starlet back behind bars with no bail. last weekend lyndsey lohan admitted on twitter she failed her mandatory drug test saying this was certainly a set back for me but i am taking responsibility for my actions and i am prepared to face the
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consequences. it was a month ago in this very same courthouse a judge decided to release lohan from rehab early she spent just 23 days in a 90 day treatment program but she was supposed to stick to strict sober living policies before rehab she spent 14 days of a 90 day sentence in jail for a probation violation in a 2007 dui and drug arrest. lohan was hoping to get her career back on track starring in a new movie about linda lovelace but her troubles may have cost her that opportunity. saundra hughes,. steven colbert took his ability to congress to speak on behalf of farm workers. he sarcastically told lawmakers he spent one day picking beans alongside illegal immigrants and convinced him farm work is
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really hard. colbert said congress should do something about illegal workers it is not something americans want to do. the house judiciary chairman asked him to leave the room. >> i am happy to use my celebrity to draw attention to this imcore pant complicated issue i certainly hope my star power can bump this hearing up to c span 1. >> now that we've got all this attention, that you excuse yourself and that you let us get on with the three witnesses and all the other members. >> the representative later withdrew his request and colbert stayed in the room. the comedian was there at the invitation of san jose congress woman. maybe it is something you are thinking about, starting your own business. the class helping women turn their passion into a career and helping our entire community in the process. expected to be a beautiful
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weekend, a warm weekend. a hot weekend. so, how hot is it going to get? we will take a look at your temperatures coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in in portions parts of the midwest are under water as much as 5 inches of rain fell in portions of minnesota and wisconsin yesterday, minnesota is now in a state of emergency, hundreds of people have been forced to
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evacuate their homes and the trouble is not over yet another big storm system is expected to move in tomorrow. talk about different weather for us here as well we are ready for a heat wave. >> ready for a heat wave you know we don't typically call heat waves going into october but we are talking about one today and it is going to be hot. so here is a lookout side san jose and we got plenty of sunshine down in santa clara valley looking pretty good another live shot there for you, trans america building, plenty of blue skyone more this is the coastline ocean beach looking good this afternoon. so our forecast, what can you expect for the afternoon sunny and warm inland temperatures up to the lower 90s. sunshine and warm around the bay, sunny and mild around the coastline temperatures lower 70s. pinpoint forecast, temperatures 87 degrees cupertino, 89 degrees in los gatoses and also expecting temperatures near 90 degrees morgan hill and lower 70s daily city to pacifica.
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east bay locations more hot temperatures lower 90s. pittsburgh, antioch, brent wood and lower 80s oakland, alameda, san leandro and hayward. north bay locations 88 sonoma, petaluma, 84 san raphael, 74 sausalito and 79 in san francisco. today, day two of the warm up, take a look at the weekend, day three, four, five, six, count them, the weekend, mid-to upper 90s in our hottest spots, lower 80s around the bay lower to mid- 70s for the coastline and triple digits monday and tuesday, 100 degrees well on the east bay, mid-80s around the bay and mid-70s for the coastline. temperatures will back off wednesday and thursday a really nice photo sent in steve bun of tahoe rainbow a big fan of the noon show juliette and he said, use my picture and i said
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okayly use it. see jane run triathalon all three photos is juliette doing her thing she is running, biking, celebrating, shadow cliff park pleasonton, 75 degrees you are going to be there and roberta. >> good luck to both of you. >> i knew where the photographer was was smiling the entire time never broke a sweat got to look good. california's unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been now some people are giving up the job hunt to start a business of their own. julie watts found one group learning how to turn their passion into a career. >> reporter: that's right they are not just making a livelihood doing what they love they are providing jobs in 2009 the women that joined this program created over 2200 new jobs. one turned her love for baking into a booming business that is now employing others. >> in the beginning as a business i was kind of in lala
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land. and i didn't really know what i was getting into. >> reporter: for victoria of san raphael, starting her own business was a risky move but when the former insurance estimator was laid off she decided it was worth the risk to turn her love of baking into a full time career. >> i have a history of baking until family. >> reporter: she focused on bus cotty. with just $2,000 in start up capital she launched her own line. >> i have developed like 7 flavours at this point and keep getting more ideas. >> reporter: on a good month she says she brings home up to $6,000. there is one main ingredient she at tributes to her success, women's initiative group that helped her build a business plan. >> for some they have the education background to go into business and know, security in knowing themselves well enough but don't know how to do it. >> reporter: andrea rothman is
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a trainer she said nearly 50% of the women in the program are unemployed. >> from 1998 to 2008, we maybe had you know, 30, 35% women coming through that were unemployed. >> the program is an 11 week course where women are trained on how to analyze competition, price products and services, keep financial records and expand their business. the cost to join, $100 so far rothman says results have been surprising nearly 70% of the women who joined the program five years ago are still in business. something she has to look forward to. >> to go to like maybe the molly stones level, and like that, so it is worth while. >> for details on the women's initiative program head to our website click on news and then consumer. if you have a consumer question or complaint we want to help,
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call us right now, 8885-helps you juliette, volunteers are standing by every day between 11 and 1. >> thank you. one birthday granny proving age is just a number. the big dive the 90-year-old took and her thank you gift after it was all over promise me low prices. and stick to it. like seriously low prices.
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today's soup of the day is sill ran toe. it is addictive one of these herbs you can't get enough of some people don't like cilantro the way i do. if you select them and store them right, add to the right recipe you may change your mind. make sure they are nice and green like this. see the leaf here, the bigger the better and greener the better and stand straight up like this, like fresh cut flowers, so important. no decaying in the bottom right here when you bring them home i put them in a glass with water and store them in the refrigerator that way they can still breathe that water, they are still alive and taking it in and staying nice and fresh you leave it in the plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator it will decay and lose its flavour in two or three days. take the time and put it in water in the refrigerator, locally grown and fantastic.
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i am your fresh grocer eat fresh stay healthy one more thing always have that wonderful aroma. >> all right thanks. coming up tonight at 5, to some it is a creative ad campaign for kirby jeans to others it is down right offensive what do you think does this ad cross the line? that story coming up at 5. finally the sky is the limit for one english granny. joan harding went sky driving to celebrate her 90th birthday. she teamed up with local experts saying the experience took her breath away. >> bet it did. >> of course she is strapped on the another sky diver for her jump after all was done she said thank you with a big old kiss. >> thank you very much my pleasure. >> very cool. weren't you going to do that for your birthday? >> not unless you join my. >> really? there is a catch. >> there is a catch. >> you join me for the
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triathalon this weekend. >> i wish you and roberta nothing but the best. >> heating up triple digits. >> temperatures mid- to upper 90s. inland, 80s around the bay. warm at night. flip flop. >> we are in fall but it will feel like summer. >> feel like summer and you asked me yesterday when does the clock change. >> yes. >> november 7th. >> okay mark that down too. okay. have a good one see you back here today is friday, monday. >> tgif. >> we won't be here tomorrow. >> we will be running, biking, swimming. bye bye ,, [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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